The Places I’ve Been

There are few things in this world I’m passionate about, but traveling is certainly one.  Over my three decades on Earth, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places.  I compiled a list of said places along with some brief blurbs. I may consider writing more in-depth blogs in the future focusing on why one should (or shouldn’t) visit these locales.


The land of my birth. Poland has a history richer than most countries.  After Christianity was introduced some 1,000 years ago, Poland grew in territory and influence.  Unfortunately, its position made it a must-have European territory, cementing it in its powerful neighbors’ crosshairs for years to come.

Nowadays, Poland welcomes historical tourists in droves to visit its castles, well-preserved town squares, and World War II/Holocaust memorials.  Northern Poland is mostly flat with many lakes while its southern end contains a portion of the picturesque Carpathian mountain range.


My mother and I visited Tunisia about 20 years ago, long before the revolutionary Arab Spring.  This African country borders the Mediterranean Sea giving tourists access to islands with some of the whitest beaches and clearest waters one will ever see.


After spending a full summer AND winter in central Alaska, I consider myself initiated in the Last Frontier.  As beautiful as it is wild, Alaska is a must-visit for any traveler with even the slightest love for nature.  Southern Alaska is dotted with hamlets where you can take advantage of fishing tours and cruises.  Denali National Park is a must-visit for every member of the human race.


Currently dangerous, but a must-visit for anyone interested in ancient history.  Long considered the birthplace of civilization, Iraq’s history is palpable.  The remaining ancient architecture inspires the imagination and gives us a glimpse into humanity’s origins.  Hopefully, I can go back to northern Iraq one day.  You wouldn’t believe how gorgeous that part of the world can be.


All I saw was lots of sand.  I heard Kuwait City is interesting though.


Well-developed and easy to travel around, Germany is one of the few countries where I was able to enjoy drinking water straight from the tap.  Historic and beautiful, Germany has something for everyone.  Bavaria in the southeast is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates a solid beer and/or hearty food.


At the risk of telling you something you may have heard before, do not drink the water.  Full of great food and friendly people, Mexico is one of the best vacation spots around.  Though not as cheap as it used to be, it’s still a perfect country for a week-long Carribean getaway.  Rivera Maya is great for adults and families while Cancun is a hotspot for young Spring Breakers.  Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel are suitable for honeymooners and other romance seekers.


Mountainous and gorgeous, this country contains the most picturesque vistas I’ve ever visited.  Visit Innsbruck if you want to do some quality hiking in the summer or skiing/snowboarding in the winter.  Vienna is as beautiful as it is clean and should not be missed if visiting this historically rich region.

Czech Republic

I’m going to say it: Prague is a bit dirty.  Due to the copious amount of foreign stag parties and sexual tourism in general, Prague’s streets are littered with everything from broken beer bottles to… just take my word for it, it’s dirty.  We’ll have to leave it at that.  However, there is more to the Czech Republic than just Prague.  The Sedlec Ossuary located in tiny Kutna Hora is creepy and amazing.  That site in itself is enough reason to visit this country.


Breath-taking, but potentially deadly.  The War on Drugs and corrupt governments have turned this tropical country into a hotbed of violence.  Beautiful, though.


Hot, rich, and dynamic.  I still think of Doha often.  I’ve never seen a city with more cranes dotting its skyline than this one.


Once again, I’ll expand on this list in the future.  This blog was more about getting my thoughts together for future articles.  Thank you for reading!