The Beauty of Humanity

I’ve never stepped foot in an art museum, which is odd because I appreciate the visual arts. So, when my buddy asked me to join him at the Dallas Museum of Art to help with a school project, I said hell yes.


The amount of inspiration these exhibits elicited was astounding. Every single piece at DMA — whether it was from the hyper-detailed Keir Collection of Islamic Art or one of the many gorgeous 18th-century European oil paintings — woke something deep within me.


The visit made me think of my fellow writers, particularly the ones lacking inspiration. I couldn’t help but feel how much good an hour-long stroll through these other-worldly halls would do them.


I only have one regret from my visit: I wish I would’ve come sooner. In a world increasingly obsessed with cutting costs to maximize the bottom line, the arts are usually first to go. This erosion of humanity’s inherent beauty needs to stop. Whether it’s musical, literal, or physical, art sustains life. It should never be taken for granted.