Mat J Reads The Stand: End of Book 1

I’m done with Book One! I should have covered more ground by now, but life once again got in the way. Besides the usual distractions, I’m also reading a fun biography about Waylon Jennings so that’s eating up what’s left of my free time. Anyway, I digress.

As was mentioned before, I’ve never much been a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction. It just seems too formulaic. Think about it: the vast majority of the population dies, normal nobodies become hardened survivors via some kind of crucible, the same nobodies — who started out two-dimensional — become increasingly complex, the “good guys” band together, the “bad guys” reveal themselves, and both groups clash.

So far, I have no reason to believe The Stand will stray from this path and that’s not a bad thing. When it comes to literature, film, and television, I don’t much care what happens; I care how it happens. I constantly read spoilers and plot synopses like a savage. Why? Because I can usually guess what’s going to happen anyway. No, I’m not smarter than the average critic/fan/reader/viewer/whatever, I’ve just watched and read more things than the average whatever. Pretty much every successful anything is a variation of a tried and true formula. It just so happens The Stand is one of those works that contributed heavily to its own genre’s formula.

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