The Pitch

Billy Bob Thornton plays a burnt-out alcoholic attorney who gets roped into defending the family of a man who died under mysterious circumstances while employed by a shady defense contractor. As the case progresses, the body count rises.

Why it’s worth your time

Amazon continues its content blitz with the addition of Goliath—you know, that show that keeps shoving commercials/promos down you throat everytime you dare to watch something else. Well, those intrusions are justified because this show is pretty damned good.

Goliath is basically what I imagine would happen if Billy Bob Thornton went back in time and pursued a law degree. Billy Bob plays Billy McBride, a burnt-out defense attorney who left behind a seven-figure partnership at the firm he co-founded (Cooperman McBride) to basically drink himself to death.

McBride spends his days at his favorite bar, Chez Jay. Chez Jay is the hole-in-the-wall every closet alcoholic dreams of. Nobody really talks or asks questions. It’s a place you can eat (or drink) all 3 of your meals and even pass out at the bar without anyone so much as lifting an eyebrow.  One day, McBride’s sanctum is invaded by the likes of Patty Solis-Papagian (played by Nina Arianda). Patty—whose complex last name is a running joke throughout the series—enlists McBride’s help in what she believes to be a simple slam-dunk lawsuit regarding the mysterious death of a defense contractor.

What follows is a dark, tense, and often horrific ride through southern California’s seedy underbelly. McBride encounters several unsavory characters on his journey to the truth all while battling his own demons (of which there are sooo many). Besides the shady underworld types McBride deals with, he also faces off against his former firm’s best attorneys who, surprise surprise, are the primary counsel for the defense contractor McBride and Patty are trying to sue.

As you can already tell, the title Goliath refers to the biblical struggle between David and Goliath. In this show’s case, Billy is David and Goliath is the giant law firm defending the evil defense contractor. William Hurt pulls out all the stops to play one of the creepiest and evil villains in recent memory. You’ll also see some other familiar faces on all sides of the courtroom. If the acting, plot, and overall production of Goliath Season 1 does not impress you, then you need to lower those standards, honey. Enjoy!

Thank you for your time and let me know what you think in the comments below!