The Beauty of Humanity

I've never stepped foot in an art museum, which is odd because I appreciate the visual arts. So, when my buddy asked me to join him at the Dallas Museum of Art to help with a school project, I said hell yes. The amount of inspiration these exhibits elicited was astounding. Every single piece at DMA … Continue reading The Beauty of Humanity



I've met a lot of people in my life.  I'd say most of these people would fall under the acquaintance category.  You know what I mean, those people who you kinda sorta know, but then they call you by your first name and you respond with a "hey... buddy."  Or maybe you do know their … Continue reading Friends

Halt and Catch Fire Shows Us How to Develop Characters

Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers know their stuff.  Though you may have never heard of them, they write a little show on AMC called Halt and Catch Fire.  Well, friends, HACF is doing more than catching fire—it's going nuclear. Set in the 1980s, Halt and Catch Fire is about a group of tech sector professionals trying to … Continue reading Halt and Catch Fire Shows Us How to Develop Characters

Lab 11: Mat Talks to Bots

Artificial intelligence has improved quite a bit over the years.  However, the mechanical nature of AI makes it very difficult to have a relaxed, open-ended discussion.  For this lab, I tested 3 AI programs: Eliza, ALICE, and Jabberwacky.  All three are heavily dependent on logic and user-input.  However, some of the responses I received surprised … Continue reading Lab 11: Mat Talks to Bots